After eight years, Walter Mendes leaves Amec to take on CAF’s management

In a meeting of Amec’s Executive Board, held last August 29, the entity’s vice president, Walter Mendes, resigned from his position in the association to join the Executive Board of CAF – the Brazilian Takeover Panel.

Amec’s Executive Board says goodbye to Walter Mendes

Amec’s Executive Board says goodbye to Walter Mendes

Mendes was one of Amec’s founders in 2006, at which time he represented Banco Itaú. He has worked on the defense of the rights and interests of minority shareholders for eight years. He was the association’s CEO from April 2009 to May 2011 and led the project for the professionalization of Amec’s  senior management, leaving its position to the executive Edison Garcia and, later on, to Amec’s current CEO, Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha. The successful strategic action involving the association’s management has allowed Amec to expand its activities and launch the working group of entities for the establishing of CAF during Amec’s 2009 annual seminar.

Recalling Amec’s history, Mendes highlights the most significant advancements during the period he was its CEO, “The successful internationalization of Amec with the joining of Blackrock and JP Morgan Asset Management, followed by other important foreign investors, was decisive for the entity to evolve its activities abroad.” He also mentions Petrobrás’ rights issue in 2010, which Amec was entirely contrary to.

Find below the farewell message by the vice-president, former CEO and founder of Amec, Walter Mendes:

“I’m leaving Amec after eight years, sad because I’ll miss people I greatly esteem and with whom I have been working on a daily basis, but happy to see the development, quality work and growing importance of the association in the Brazilian capital market.

Amec activities confirm that its founders were right when they decided to establish an entity to work on the defense of the rights of minority shareholders and on the improvement of the general governance of the capital market. Amec was necessary for the market.

Amec provided me with the opportunity to raise the bar of governance in the Brazilian capital market. In my new position in the Brazilian Takeover Panel (CAF), I do hope to have the chance of continuing this work, despite its different focus.

I wish Amec continues to be a successful entity, what seems to be a sure thing thanks to the dedication and competence of our technical team, members and the entity’s leadership.

I would like to thank all those with whom I have worked for the past eight years and the experience I had during the period I dedicated myself to the entity,” Walter Mendes.