Amec holds engagement meeting with Klabin

The Association of Capital Market Investors – Amec – held an engagement meeting with Klabin, attended by the company’s CFO, Mr. Marcos Ivo, and the Legal & Integrity Officer, Mr. Fábio Medeiros, on September 17. The meeting opened a communication channel between investors and Klabin’s executives to discuss issues related to the brand’s royalties and the proposal to incorporate Sogemar.

Amec’s CEO, Mr. Fábio Coelho, opened the meeting explaining that these events are intended to foster the relationship between investors and investees, encouraging the engagement (stewardship) in the capital market. Attended by some 40 asset managers with domestic and foreign assets under management, the participants had the opportunity to interact with Klabin’s executives. The event had simultaneous translation into English to allow the participation of Amec’s foreign members.

Marcos Ivo, CFO at Klabin.

Mr. Ivo answered the questions and contextualized the public information gathered by the Working Group composed of independent members that participate in Klabin’s Board of Directors, who helped prepare the study and proposal to address the issue related to the royalties of both Klabin brand and other six brands owned by Sogemar. The matter will be deliberated by company’s shareholders at a General Meeting to be held on October 30.