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Amec discusses the advancements of the ESG agenda in Brazil

Amec’s Technical Commission made a presentation about ESG principles and debated the topic in a meeting that had Ms. Maria Eugênia Buosi, founding partner of Consultoria Resultante, as a guest.… read more →

The Market of Decarbonization Credits: How does it work and what does the first negotiation represent?

On June 12, the B3’s Trader platform had its first negotiation of decarbonization credits, also known as CBios. Launched on April 27, the system allows the listing and trading of… read more →

Interview with Mr. Reinaldo Le Grazie: Huge global fiscal expansion has been a driving force for Brazil

Despite the political and health crises affecting Brazil, domestic markets have already started to react and show signs of recovery. In an exclusive interview to Panorama Amec, Mr. Reinaldo Le… read more →

Brazilian Corporations: Activism, Communication and the Boards’ Role

BR Distribuidora wins the 2019 Amec Corporate Events Award

São Paulo, December 12, 2019 – BR Distribuidora was the winner

Event in Miami reinforces the importance of stewardship codes

Amec held an event in partnership with ICGN

Proposals on changes to the Article 115 of the Corporate Law give rise to debate

In his first public participation as Amec’s CEO

Transition period completed

New CEO focuses on the future and Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha says goodbye to Amec  

Fábio Coelho explains the priorities to be addressed under his management

The association has reached a level that will demand bigger challenges for the next years

Former CEOs recall Amec’s history and declare support to Fábio Coelho

Amec was established with the objective of helping drive the development of the Brazilian equity market

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