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November 28th 2017 – ASSOCIAÇÃO DE INVESTIDORES NO MERCADO DE CAPITAIS – Amec – announces that its Board of Directors has approved today the following notice. As Market participants are aware,… read more →

Management Compensation Workshop

Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors – will be holding the Management Compensation Workshop in Integração Escola de Negócios, located at Rua Manoel Guedes, 504, Itaim Bibi, São… read more →

Black Zornitak Band to perform an exclusive show in the 2016 Amec Investor Forum

Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors – will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on October 27th, during the 2016 Amec Investor Forum. To liven up the party, the… read more →

Professor Modesto Carvalhosa to speak in the 2016 Amec Investor Forum

The 2016 Amec Investor Forum will be graced with the presence of the professor Modesto Carvalhosa, who will be delivering a speech about the “Investor Redness for Damages – Rights… read more →

FAPES joins Amec

FAPES – the Social Security & Welfare Foundation of the Brazilian National Bank for Social and Economic Development (BNDES) – is the new member of Amec – the Association of… read more →

Association contributes to ISS’ and Glass Lewis’ voting policies

Amec has submitted to the two largest proxy advisory companies – the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis & Co., letters with suggestions on adjustments on their voting policies… read more →

ICGN introduces its new stewardship code

ICGN – the International Corporate Governance Network – will be introducing its stewardship code through a webinar (click here to register) on October 20th. George Dallas, Policy Director at ICGN,… read more →

Regulators worldwide are recognizing the role of investors as “enforcers”

By Raji Menon | September 22nd, 2016 Source: Responsible – – ESG and sustainable finance Upcoming launches of Stewardship Codes in several countries including Singapore, Brazil and South Korea are… read more →

10 Years Fighting the Good Fight

The daily hurdles can easily make us forget about the most important things – those that bring impacts in the long term. And it’s amid one of the worst crisis… read more →

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