Letters of the President 2015

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 18/2015

Merger between BM&F Bovespa and Cetip.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 17/2015

Amec submits study to CVM on the time necessary to carry out a tender offer.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 16/2015

Taxation on Investment Funds.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 15/2015

Amec requests the CVM to consider the control premium a “risk event”.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 14/2015

Change in the Regulation of BM&FBOVESPA’s Corporate Governance Differentiated Levels.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 12/2015

Amec calls CVM’s attention to the transfer of liabilities by the controlling shareholder to the publicly-held company.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 11/2015

Amec requests that the “one-share-one-vote” concept is not flexibilized in IBGC Code.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 10/2015

Amec contributes to public hearing about the Governance Program of State-Owned Companies prepared by BM&F Bovespa.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 7/2015

CVM´s decisions in the case of listed state-controlled enterprises (Emae – Empresa Metropolitana de Água e Energia – and Eletrobras) and discussions about the possibility of reverting the imposed penalties into compensations to the minority shareholders affected.

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 6/2015

Amec submits suggestion on the reformulation of Novo Mercado.

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