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Amec Supports Governance and Boards of Directors in State-Owned Enterprises

Amec’s CEO, Fábio Coelho, defends corporate governance and independence for the board of directors in state-owned enterprises during interviews published in mainstream media. On February 20, he took part of… read more →

Super-voting shares in Brazil offer more risks than opportunities

The Brazilian Corporate Law, in its article 110, bans super-voting shares for any class of stocks. However, such debate has grown stronger amid an expressive increase in the number of… read more →

Interview With Mauro Cunha: We Must Seriously Think About Enforcement in Capital Markets

In a critical analysis about capital markets, Amec’s former CEO and professional board member, Mauro Rodrigues Cunha, says it is necessary to reflect about an enforcement structure in the Brazilian… read more →

Amec Warns about the Risks of Adopting Majority Voting in Brazil

After recent proposals of changes in Vale’s bylaws, Amec issued a statement to warn the market about the risk of adopting “majority voting” in the election of new board members.… read more →

Forecasts for 2021 with Luiz Fernando Figueiredo

In an exclusive interview for Amec, the former Central Bank director and current CEO of Mauá Capital, Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, provides perspectives for 2021. The fund manager, who is also… read more →

Amec gets ready for the 2021 Pre-Proxy season

Amec has recently started one of its main annual activities: the pre-proxy season project. This consists of a series of actions and meetings between investors in preparation for investees’ annual… read more →

Interview with Marta Viegas: Governance Evolves In Brazil, But There Are Still Numerous Challenges To Create More Certainty

Corporate governance in Brazilian companies has evolved in the past few years. However, the Brazilian capital market is yet to overcome many difficulties and challenges to provide investors with a… read more →

Joint Statement AMEC and IBGC regarding Corporate Governance in state-owned companies

Interview with Walter Mendes: The evolution of governance in Brazil has not been keeping pace with the recent growth of the stock exchange operations

With extensive experience as equity manager in some of the most prominent local and foreign asset management firms – Unibanco, Schroders, Itaú -, twice member of Petrobrás Board of Directors,… read more →

Amec voices concern on super-voting structures in letter sent to CVM, B3 and IMK

The Association of Capital Market Investors – Amec – sent a letter to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and B3, in which it voices its members’ concerns on… read more →

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