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Forecasts for 2021 with Luiz Fernando Figueiredo

In an exclusive interview for Amec, the former Central Bank director and current CEO of Mauá Capital, Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, provides perspectives for 2021. The fund manager, who is also… read more →

Amec gets ready for the 2021 Pre-Proxy season

Amec has recently started one of its main annual activities: the pre-proxy season project. This consists of a series of actions and meetings between investors in preparation for investees’ annual… read more →

Interview with Marta Viegas: Governance Evolves In Brazil, But There Are Still Numerous Challenges To Create More Certainty

Corporate governance in Brazilian companies has evolved in the past few years. However, the Brazilian capital market is yet to overcome many difficulties and challenges to provide investors with a… read more →

Interview with Walter Mendes: The evolution of governance in Brazil has not been keeping pace with the recent growth of the stock exchange operations

With extensive experience as equity manager in some of the most prominent local and foreign asset management firms – Unibanco, Schroders, Itaú -, twice member of Petrobrás Board of Directors,… read more →

Amec voices concern on super-voting structures in letter sent to CVM, B3 and IMK

The Association of Capital Market Investors – Amec – sent a letter to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and B3, in which it voices its members’ concerns on… read more →

Amec CEO addresses the evolution of ESG factors with focus on governance

In the webinar of Agência Estado, Mr. Fábio Coelho, CEO of Amec, addressed the growing importance of ESG factors for listed companies in Brazil, highlighting the special relevance of governance.… read more →

Season of IPOs pauses to regain momentum

The cancellation or postponement of dozens of IPOs in the past weeks has raised questions in the market. Would the window of opportunities to go public in the Brazilian stock… read more →

Interview with Flavia Mouta: Resumption of offers and attractiveness of the Brazilian capital market

B3’s initiatives to navigate the current moment of the Brazilian capital market The IPOs undertaken by Brazilian companies abroad is a topic on the radar of B3 and the domestic… read more →

Amec holds engagement meeting with Klabin

The Association of Capital Market Investors – Amec – held an engagement meeting with Klabin, attended by the company’s CFO, Mr. Marcos Ivo, and the Legal & Integrity Officer, Mr.… read more →

Stewardship reports show that engagement practices have been advancing in Brazil

The asset managers and pension funds that are signatory to the Amec Stewardship Code have showed a significant progress in their engagement with investees, according to the 2019 reports published… read more →

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