Fábio Coelho named new CEO for Amec

Fábio Henrique de Sousa Coelho has been appointed as the new CEO of Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors –, effective in the first days of September, following Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, who has occupied the position for more than seven years.

The selection of the new CEO started in 2018 and had the support of Russell Reynolds Associates, firm specialized in succession planning. At the end of the process, Amec’s Board of Directors chose Mr. Coelho, who has a solid career in the public sector, in institutions such as the Federal Savings Bank and Central Bank of Brazil and, more recently, in Previc – the National Supervisory Authority for Complementary Pension Funds.

Among other challenges, the new CEO will focus on efforts to drive the growth of the capital markets, protect investor’s rights and implement the best corporate governance practices in Brazilian listed companies. To respond to these challenges, he will rely on the representation of Amec’s 62 members.

For the past two years, Amec’s governance bodies (Advisory Board, Board of Directors and Management Board) have been discussing the convenience of implementing a success plan, along the lines of the best international practices. Mr. Cunha has supported the bodies throughout the process and greatly contributed to the selection of his successor.

“Having a new leadership is of utmost importance for Amec. We are very happy to welcome Mr. Coelho and rely on his competence, commitment and credibility to continue the work the association has been developing since its foundation,” Mr. Cunha says. According to him, the new CEO’s values are strongly aligned with the association’s, he understands the importance of the Stewardship agenda and has remarkable capacity to influence players that can positively impact on Amec’s agenda.

About Amec

Amec was founded on October 26, 2006, as an initiative by independent and financial institutional investors to defend the rights of minority shareholders and promote the development of the Brazilian stock market.

Since its creation in 2006, the association has become the main discussion forum about corporate governance practices and investors’ rights in Brazilian companies. At the same time, Amec’s recommendations have been increasingly recognized by investors, companies and regulatory entities, a result of the association’s relevance and independent approach.

In 2018, the association received the “Excellence in Corporate Governance Award,” offered by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) – body that represents investors with $US 38 trillion in assets under management.

Learn more in https://en.amecbrasil.org.br.