Metrus and G5 Partners join Amec

Pension fund Metrus – Instituto de Seguridade Social, and São Paulo’s financial advisory services firm and fund manager G5 Partners are the new members of Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors.

“The joining of Metrus to Amec’s group of members is aimed to strengthen the institute’s governance process and reinforce the monitoring of investments on a more effective and active basis,” said Keite Bianconi, CIO of Metrus, entity that has more than $2.5 billion reais under management and whose main objective is to grant pension fund benefits, supplementing the benefits ensured by the official pension fund, and promote the pensioners’ social well-being, including the providing of medical and health care services.

Levindo Santos, partner at G5 Partners, which has approximately $10 billion of assets under management, stated that the Amec Stewardship Code is a significant reference of good management practices and essential for the company to formally implement stewardship practices. Mr. Santos pointed out that G5 Partners learned about Amec’s work thanks to its financial services area, which has always worked side by side with boards of directors. “We recognize the association’s solid and well-grounded positioning,” he said.