Our Partners




Entity Comments Amec’s Representative
CAF Participation in the Board of Directors and in the Supervision Commission Walter Mendes – Efetivo
Pedro Bastos – Suplente
CFRSN Walter Albertoni
CODIM Daniela ZolkoRenato Vetere
ABRASCA Supervision Commission and Self Regulation Code Henrique Alvares
ABRASCA ABRASCA’s Annual Report Award Panel Adriano Seabra
Frederico Sampaio
Marcelo Gasparino da Silva
ANBIMA Equity Funds Commission Mauro Cunha
ANBIMA Commission of Offers Rules Mauro Cunha
Guilherme Vicente
APIMEC Analysts Supervision Commission Walter Mender
IBGC Interagents Discussion Mauro Cunha
IBGC Regulation Effectiveness Subgroup Mauro Cunha

Government Attraction Subgroup

Pedro Rudge
IBGC Administrators’ Responsibility Subgroup Lucila Silva
CVM Strategic Planning Mauro Cunha
Bovespa Committee of Listagem Bovespa Mais Mauro Cunha
ICGN Mauro Cunha
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