Amec’s Representatives.




Entity Body Amec Representative Description
ANBIMA Capital Markets Council André Gordon The Council is responsible for starting and judging proceedings, issuing resolutions and guidance opinions on ANBIMA’s Codes of Regulation and Best Practices.

Analysts Supervision Commission
Herculano Aníbal since 2016

Herculano Aníbal The body is formed by nine members who, among their competencies, judge administrative proceedings instituted to determine misconduct of securities analysts, in addition to guiding the work of the Office of the Superintendent of Supervision of the Securities Analysts (SSA). Apimec is the self-regulatory entity of professional investment analysts, and it is authorized by the CVM to promote its accreditation, pursuant to CVM Instruction 483, of 07.06.2010.
B3 Advisory Committee of the listing segment Fernando Tendolini The Advisory Committees was created to ensure constant dialogue with the participants in the B3 markets. In 2009, the Committees underwent major improvements, such as the increase in the number of participants, which currently revolves around 450 people. the Advisory Council of the Real Estate Market Advisory Committee and the Trading and Technology Advisory Committee were also created.
CFRSN National Financial System’s Council of Appeals Ana Paula Zanetti “Conselhinho”, is a collegiate deliberation body, part of the structure of the Ministry of Finance (MF), composed of eight directors (four representatives appointed by the Federal Government – two names chosen by the MF, one by the Central Bank and one by the CVM – and four chosen from entities of the capital market).
CODIM The Guidance Committee for the Disclosure of Information to the Market Daniela Zolko
Renato Vetere
The Committee is committed to providing guidance and advice to publicly traded companies, investor relations professionals, investment analysts, investors, resource managers, among others, about the most appropriate alternatives for disclosing information to a public that is highly diversified and should increasingly demand quality, transparency, timing, accessibility and detail of these data.
GNIA Global Network of Investor Associations Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha In 2013, the ICGN established the GNIA as an international collaboration of investor-led organizations with a common interest in promoting shareholder rights and responsibilities. The network enhances the capacity of national associations to share governance related priorities beyond local jurisdictions to an international audience thereby contributing to global governance reform efforts. Members are drawn from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK and the USA. The group is chaired by Mauro Cunha from the Association of Capital Markets Investors – AMEC.
IBGC Communication and Capital Markets Commission Renato Vetere The Commission addresses best practices in Corporate Governance aiming effective communication with the market, such as disclosure of reports and information, as well as issues related to those responsible for investor relations departments.
ICGN International Corporate Governance Network Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha The largest global network of investors concerned with corporate governance. Its members manage resources higher than USD 18 trillion, including the world’s major fund management companies and pension funds.
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