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Amec is invited to contribute to government group to foster the capital markets

The Iniciativa Mercado de Capitais (Capital Market Initiative)

Domestic companies need more incentives to adopt distance voting procedures

In an event held on July 2, the B3 presented

Disclosure of executive compensation is compulsory again

Brazilian listed companies will have to disclose the minimum, average and maximum compensation paid to their executives, according to a decision by the Regional Federal Appellate Court of the 2nd… read more →

New government’s capital market group excludes Amec and other institutions

In the beginning of June, regulators linked to the government announced

New CVM’s regulation favors the reparation of damages to minority shareholders

The payment of damages to investors is one of

Stewardship News

New CVM director mentions Amec Code during assessment in the Senate The engagement culture of institutional investors in invested companies is one of the concerns of the new director of… read more →

CVM proposes that analyses of public offers be confidential

Companies will be allowed to not give publicity to the registration of public offerings at the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). The new approach, to be adopted on a… read more →

For a safer Brazilian market

Investors that trust in the Brazilian capital markets as a tool for the economic development got scared several times in the second half of 2018.

Amec requests CVM to review Guidance Statement 35 and Instruction 361

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 18/2018

Previc´s public hearing that will culminate in its first set of rules applicable to portfolio managers.

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