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Gol’s takeover of Smiles fails after disagreement about valuations

For the second time, the airline Gol tried to take over its mileage subsidiary Smiles, in which it owns a 52.6% stake, but the deal failed because the parties did… read more →

Gol is barred from listing in the Novo Mercado segment and should review its plan to merge with Smiles

After the decision taken by …

Amec requests CVM to review Guidance Statement 35 and Instruction 361

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 16/2018

Distortions in reorganizations and problems in guidance statement 35.

Amec requests B3 to reject Gol’s reorganization and the intended structure

Almost three years after …

Carta/AMEC/Presi n° 14/2018

Reorganization of Gol Linhas Aéreas and Smiles.

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